-How I Became a Photography Enthusiast-

This post won’t really get too technical (maybe on another post), but I will share with you why I just find it (photography) so amazing. Since I was young, one of the things I liked doing was seeing pictures. I remember when family members, in family events, would bring out their photo albums, show everybody the pictures inside and share the crazy stories behind every … Continue reading -How I Became a Photography Enthusiast-

Young Romantic Relationships

Referencias de la Biblioteca Académica: Richard, W., Amelia, P., & Emily, W. (2013). Preparing students for romantic relationships. The Phi Delta Kappan, (4), 54. points: 12 Rye, M. S., & Pargament, K. I. (2002). Forgiveness and romantic relationships in college: can it heal the wounded heart?. Journal Of Clinical Psychology, 58(4), 419-441. points: 13 nox, D., Schacht, C., & Zusman, M. E. (1999). Love relationships among college students. College … Continue reading Young Romantic Relationships

Can we survive without the Internet?

To explain it in a simple matter, the internet is a network that provides us any kind of information and allows us to communicate easily. It started in the 1960’s by the ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) and the original aim was to allow multiple computers to communicate on a single network, later on, it became the technical foundation of the internet. Almost 30 … Continue reading Can we survive without the Internet?


En el curso de inf103 de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón estamos saliendo de nuestra zona de confort y preparándonos para el futuro, creando contenido web por primera vez. {vídeo por Antonio Vantaggiato} { fuente: producthunt.com } Esta clase será interesante 😎#inf1033 — Josephina colorina (@Josephinemo_) August 16, 2018     {Featured Image: By Peter Thoeny, CC License.}     Continue reading Bienvenidos!