Can we survive without the Internet?

To explain it in a simple matter, the internet is a network that provides us any kind of information and allows us to communicate easily. It started in the 1960’s by the ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) and the original aim was to allow multiple computers to communicate on a single network, later on, it became the technical foundation of the internet. Almost 30 years later, the World Wide Web became available to the public. What’s the World Wide Web? It’s an information space where documents and other resources are accessible via the Internet. Basically, it’s the first 3 w’s you write before going to a site.

Nowadays, the internet is everywhere and almost everybody can use it. We use it for socializing through social media, to post pictures, watch videos, DIY’s, for information, books, music, etc! Basically, anything you can think of, the internet is probably good for that. But even if it’s really fun and it may seem like the greatest, funniest, place ever…it can also be the worst.

There could be fake accounts, you can download viruses accidentally, people buy things illegally, cyber bullying, harassment. You basically have to be careful with what you do and where you go because you can find anything, from good to bad.

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How big is the internet?

The internet is infinite, it has no beginning and no end, it just is…

How did we let it become such a necessity and power in our lives?

Can we survive without it?

To be honest, is not that we can’t live without it, is that it has become a necessity. How did it became a necessity? Well, like I mentioned before, we all use it for almost everything. To apply for jobs, to look for information, to buy things. Especially students, some college students need to turn in assignments through programs. Now, not many professors are accepting paperwork.

Also, a lot of businesses depend on it, too. Currently, businesses are trying to become eco-friendly and that means, finding ways to spread their information in a non-wasteful matter. Which includes: speaking and of course, the internet. If people need their information, they just look it up and while reaching more people via social media, they’re saving a lot of money they would usually spend on paper.


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Then again, it’s not that we won’t survive, it’s that we have relied on it for so long, we became used to it. Used to the idea of receiving things in an easier, accessible, cheaper way.

If something ever happens to the internet, it may be the end of the world for some people, but it really isn’t. We’ll just have to go back to reading books and talking to people, sharing our thoughts on topics.

So yes, I do think we can survive without the internet.

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Featured image: Internet by John Lester, CC License.


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