Young Romantic Relationships

Referencias de la Biblioteca Académica:

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points: 12

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points: 13

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points: 12


Referencias de la Web:

Cary-Alvarez, Jana. “Expert Advice for Healthy Relationships & Intimacy in College.” Real Talk on Love and Intimacy During College.
points: 15
Berman, V. (2017, August 24). The Reality of Long-Term College Relationships. Retrieved from
points: 13
Four out of 5 are out of date. The only one from 2018 is reference 2 and the oldest one is from 1999, reference 3. I do think that even if it’s from 1999, it has really good content and I was happy with the things I found. Technically it has lower points because of the date, but it the information I found was pretty convincing.

{featured image: “Relationship” by: Talal Albannai, CC License.}


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