-How I Became a Photography Enthusiast-

This post won’t really get too technical (maybe on another post), but I will share with you why I just find it (photography) so amazing.

Since I was young, one of the things I liked doing was seeing pictures. I remember when family members, in family events, would bring out their photo albums, show everybody the pictures inside and share the crazy stories behind every one of them. My mother would also do that with my brother and I. She showed us pictures of when we were babies, to when we were in school, etc, etc..

To this day, I still like watching the old pictures that were taken by my family members and my mother but now, I have pictures that I took on my own. On my 16th birthday, my mother, as a gift, gave me a beautiful, red photo album, filled with pictures she had taken of my friends and I (I really loved it). Since then, I’ve filled the album with pictures of my own memories, special moments and special people.

{source: https://www.foxconnect.com/thelma-louise-20th-anniversary-blu-ray-widescreen.html  }

I consider that that’s one of the best things photography has to offer, it allows you to capture any moment, provoke any feeling, create something beautiful out of anything. You can mix colors, people and it can still look like something amazing.

{source: http://nicksplat.com/  }

As a matter of fact, me as a college student, decided to take a photography class this semester and guess what? I love it! The first assignment was about aperture and shutter speed. The professor, made us take 10 pictures with a certain aperture and another 10 with a certain shutter speed (5 being with a higher number and the other 5, with lower numbers). Then, on our second assignment, the professor wanted us to take even more pictures (21) with different rules and angles ( for example: low angle, high angle, rule of thirds) and 4 of those 21 I will present here.

I really enjoyed the process of taking them, choosing them and editing them. I hope you enjoy them as well!

(feel free to comment on them, I like constructive criticism)

here we go:




{featured image: by Chi Bellami, CC Licensed}


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