Hello! Today, I will be bringing one, interesting topic. We are gonna talk about Robotics.

(and no, I am not talking about R2D2)

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Let’s start with a brief history, shall we?

Well, the word Robot was first introduced by the famous, Czech science-fiction writer, Karel Capek in a play he made called Rossum’s Universal Robots, also known as RUR. He used the word to describe an artificial person. Before him, Robots were referred as androids or automatons, meaning “self operating machine”.

(Of course, there are different other terms for robotics systems and they existed since B.C., but I’m gonna talk about recent work.)

The first industrial robot ever made, was in 1954 by an inventor called George Devol. It was digitally operated and programmable, its name was Uminate. In 1956, George and his partner Joseph Engelberger, formed the world’s first robot company.

Now, what is a Robot?

A robot consists of 4 important things, Computer science, engineering, mechanics and electronics. The main objective of robots is to basically work automatically and help ease difficult or impossible jobs for human beings. The technology of robotics has advanced at such fast pace, that now there is something called Robotic Surgery. Its objective is to improve the health of human beings. For example: to do very complex sugical procedures to avoid any risks. A good example of such it’s a robot called Da Vinci,  which has had successful operations to this day.

Another example would be…   Sophia The Robot. Yes, Sophia. Sophia The Robot is a combination of a robot and artificial intelligence. How so? Well, she is digitally programmed to do things (which makes her a robot) but she basically has a “mind” of her own. You can ask her anything and with such intelligence, she will answer (of course, what she knows). Sophia was activated on February 14th, 2016 by Hanson Robotics, who’s founder is David Hanson.

If you are interested in more of this topic, here are some twitter accounts:




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{by: MonkeySee}


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{featured Image: AI for Good Global Summit 2018 by ITU Pictures, CC Licensed}







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