Feedly, my new friend

In the class I’m currently taking (that I’ve mentioned various times), we had to open an account on Feedly and choose 10 websites, 5 of any personal interest and the other 5 on things related to my future career. 

{source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/iaoep/what_gif_should_everyone_have_saved/ }

What is Feedly?

Feedly, it’s a tool that helps you discover new information from all your favorite websites, in only one place. Instead of going to every website individually, in Feedly you can look for them, save them and look at what they’ve published ( as soon as they do!). That way, you can save time and have everything you need in only one site. It’s like a Facebook, but instead of having to see people’s posts, you see your favorite website’s articles’ and hey, you can use it in any of your technological devices and at any time you want. 

{source: https://www.theyetee.com/}

Here I’ll show you the 10 websites I have saved in my feed…

  1. Dazed: An alternative style and cultural magazine. Focuses on defining the current times with the new generation of writers, photographers and artists. 
  2. Pick the Brain: A website dedicated to self- improvement, productivity and motivation. 
  3. Valérie Jardin’s Blog: Blog of a photographer, who is making a series called “Artists and their Space” in which she photographs the artists and the making of their arts, without focusing directly on the art.
  4. Girl with a Camera: It’s literally a girl with a camera, who shares her trips and the pictures she takes…well, in those trips.
  5. Pinterest: This platform helps you discover new things and inspirations for things that you love. 
  6. Adweek: Magazine that covers creativity, global advertising and new campaigns. 
  7. Design Milk: a digital magazine that talks about what’s new in modern design, art, interior design, furniture and decor. 
  8. Digiday: A digital magazine that covers developments in the fields of advertising, publishing and media. 
  9. The New York Times>Movies: This section focuses on movie reviews, news and features from critics and reporters of The New York Times. 
  10. Streetshooter: A photographer that shoots street life. 

{Featured Image: “feedly” by Tecnomovida Caracas, CC Licensed}


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