Class dismissed.

Finally, the class I was taking, is over. I sure learned a lot of things in that course. Not only did I learned how to open my own blog, I also learned how to attach things like photography, links, gifs or videos, I now have an online library where I can save all the things I find interesting in the internet and much more. The professor was an amazing one, I understood everything he said and all the topics he discussed in class. No joke, I think I was one of the best students and I don’t usually say that. I am really satisfied with that class and everything that came with it.

I hope I feel comfortable enough to keep writing from now on. I actually enjoy writing here. It’s an open space where I can talk about everything and anything I want. I just… don’t really know what to talk about. When I was taking the class, the professor would always give us assignments, or topics to discuss and post here but now, it’s like, I have an open space so opened that I don’t know what to write. Does anybody understand the feeling? if so, what do you recommend to a student that’s starting to write.

So, I guess I can write about the struggles of an non-writer starting to write. That actually doesn’t sound so bad. You know what’s the irony in all this? In person, I never shut up. I’m one of the most talkative person in my circle of friends, which is why I am more of a speaker than a writer. I believe I can learn a lot more, so, I’ll give myself this challenge. For those who read me, I really hope you enjoy each and every one of my posts. Thanks for reading an aspiring writer.

{featured image: by: Leo Lin, CC Licensed.}


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