Robótica e Inteligencia artificial

Hoy estaremos hablando un poco sobre estos temas. Los temas se trabajaron en un grupo de 4 estudiantes(incluyendome) comenzando con la robótica.  La robótica, es la fabricación de máquinas que son capaces de desempeñar, facilitar y completar, tareas realizadas por los seres humanos. Está compuesta por muchos temas como la electrónica, la ingeniería, la mecánica y la informática. Este concepto moderno, surgió después de la … Continue reading Robótica e Inteligencia artificial


Hello! Today, I will be bringing one, interesting topic. We are gonna talk about Robotics. (and no, I am not talking about R2D2) {source: } Let’s start with a brief history, shall we? Well, the word Robot was first introduced by the famous, Czech science-fiction writer, Karel Capek in a play he made called Rossum’s Universal Robots, also known as RUR. He used the word to describe an … Continue reading Robotics

Photography 101

In the computer class I’m taking, the professor made the students make a blog ( I explain that in the about ).  One of the assignments was to make a small presentation using Power Point, for an oral report we were going to present in class. {source:  } Since lately I have been fascinated about the idea of photography, I chose to talk about the … Continue reading Photography 101

-How I Became a Photography Enthusiast-

This post won’t really get too technical (maybe on another post), but I will share with you why I just find it (photography) so amazing. Since I was young, one of the things I liked doing was seeing pictures. I remember when family members, in family events, would bring out their photo albums, show everybody the pictures inside and share the crazy stories behind every … Continue reading -How I Became a Photography Enthusiast-

Why I Opened an Account on Diigo

I recently signed in on a page called “Diigo. It’s basically a personal library but instead of using physical books, you can save articles you find interesting on the Internet. It has an option called bookmarks and that’s where you can save all the links you want. Here’s a list of the things I first saved: Artificial Intelligence  Augmented Reality Internet of Things Dark Web Here’s … Continue reading Why I Opened an Account on Diigo

Young Romantic Relationships

Referencias de la Biblioteca Académica: Richard, W., Amelia, P., & Emily, W. (2013). Preparing students for romantic relationships. The Phi Delta Kappan, (4), 54. points: 12 Rye, M. S., & Pargament, K. I. (2002). Forgiveness and romantic relationships in college: can it heal the wounded heart?. Journal Of Clinical Psychology, 58(4), 419-441. points: 13 nox, D., Schacht, C., & Zusman, M. E. (1999). Love relationships among college students. College … Continue reading Young Romantic Relationships